• Daryono Student of Doctoral Management Program, Universitas Pakuan, Bogor Indonesia
  • Martinus Tukiran Senior Lecturer of Doctoral Management Program, Universitas Pakuan, Bogor Indonesia



Patient satisfaction, Service quality, Dental clinic specialist,TERRA


The problem of increasing patient visits in a dental clinic is that currently researchers want to learn about the services provided to patients. Daryo Dental Clinic, Jakarta is a concept founded by Drg. Daryono. With this clinic, the community can be provided with dental services so that patient satisfaction becomes a priority. This research was conducted at the Daryo Dental Specialist Clinic using Quantitative methodology is used in this research. SPSS is used to analyze the collected questionnaires to 70 patient respondents as selected patients who were over 17 years old and were patients who had been registered as old patients. The aim of the research is to find out: 1) To find out the suitability of patient satisfaction variables which have a significant influence on services at the Daryo Dental clinic. 2) To find out the most dominant variables in influencing patient satisfaction. This research uses a questionnaire consisting of 5 dimensions and 29 indicator which will be analyzed statistical product and service solution (SPSS) 24.00 program. The results of the research show that the factors that are important and immediately from the SPSS output results, a correlation coefficient (r) value of 0.903 is obtained, which means that this occurs. There is a very strong relationship between tangibility variables (X1), empathy (X2), reliability (X3), responsiveness (X4) and assurance (X5) on the patient satisfaction variable (Y).


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